We know, you’ve probably got a few questions about the Launch Literacy Program. Here we’ll do our best to answer the most common questions. If you are still unsure, send your query to our Customer Service Team.

Samples of each part of Launch Literacy Program are freely available to view here.

Free Activity Worksheets can be downloaded here.

Decodable Readers  are available to view here.

Yes !

There are often occasions when customers need to buy

These can be purchased following the links above.

If you are looking to buy class sets of printed resources or more than 20 x licenses, please contact our Team and we will work out the best arrangement for you.

The content for both versions is exactly the same!

The Printed Program is best value for when you want everything to be ready to start. It’s perfect for families, but also very useful for teachers and literacy specialists who want to provide children with their own set of books to complete:

  • The whole program will arrive as high-quality booklets.
  • The readers are printed in a highly durable quality to be used time and time again as classroom or send-home readers.

Digital Program

The Digital Program is best value for those who want to:

  • View the Readers on devices
  • Print off multiple worksheets to use with any number of children
  • Print off several copies of individual pages to work through to further reinforce skills

All the Activity Books are available to download as pdf’s. You then simply:

  • Print them off as individual Worksheets for the children to systematically work through
  • Share with colleagues in your school and clinic (licence allows use within a single school or organisation)

All 66 x Decodable e-Readers are formatted for:

  • Reading with children  using a tablet, phone, PC or projection device
  • Sharing within a virtual reading lesson.

We’ve made it easy to buy, use and share eReader access.

Each seat (eReader user) is linked initially to the email address provided by the eReader Manager during the purchasing process – or later allocated through the Manager’s account page.

Entering your email address and password on our login page will enable you to access to all 66 x eReaders.  This access will continue for 12 months, during which time the seat can be transferred to another email address for any remaining time.

Purchasing multiple seats (eReader users) will enable you to allocate separate individual access to students, teachers, clients or family members –  using their email addresses.

The 12 months seat access starts at time of purchase. Select the number of subscriptions you need  for the upcoming 12 months…..you can add more during the year.

Enter your email address and password details on the eReader login page to access all 66 x eReaders.

Purchasing additional seats (eReader users) is managed through the Digital Decodable  eReaders product page where you can select the number of seats you require:

Buying additional seats at the time of initial purchase

To purchase additional 12 month seats to access eReaders go to the Digital Decodable  eReaders product page and:

  1. Create your preferred name as eReader manager
  2. Select the number of seats required and then “Add to cart”
  3. Complete the online purchase process
  4. As ‘eReader manager’ you will then be able to login to your account page and allocate the seats to users

Buying additional seats or renewing seats if you already have a membership

  1. Login to your account page using your email address and password
  2. Head to the Digital Decodable  eReaders product page and
  3. Select the number of subscriptions required and “Add to cart”
  4. Complete the online purchase process
  5. As ‘eReader manager’ you will then be able to login and allocate seats to users

OR, contact the team and we will organise the invoice and allocations for you. If you are looking to purchase more than 15x subscriptions, please contact us and we will be able to help you further.

The good news is that Launch Literacy Program has been designed so that it is a simple, structured and straightforward program designed for use by any adult.

Follow the steps laid out in the Instruction Book to build those essential, early literacy skills in children.

You will need to allocate regular practice times to work through the Launch Literacy Program. Soon both of you will be laughing as the child practises their reading and shows off their handwriting and spelling skills.

With reference to state and territory education guidelines, Launch Literacy has been designed to support classroom goals in the ‘foundation stage’ of literacy development.

The below curriculum goals have been specifically addressed in the design and structure of Launch Literacy:

  • Identify and make sounds associated with the beginning letter of words or images
  • Blend sounds associated with letters when reading consonant-vowel-consonant words
  • Recognise short vowels, consonant digraphs and consonant blends
  • Understand how to spell one and two syllable words with common letter patterns
  • Understand that a syllable must contain a vowel sound


Launch Literacy is designed to contribute to the acquisition of literacy and language skills essential to the growth of independence and social adeptness in children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in the following ways:

  • Decoding
  • Encoding
  • Letter Formation
  • Comprehension
  • Problem Prediction and Solving
  • Introduction of inference  and prediction within the written text

Launch Literacy Program was created by Alison Lee, one of Australia’s leading Speech and Language Pathologists,  in order to provide herself and colleagues with a high quality set of resources which would

  • Reduce session preparation time and be cost effective
  • Progress the children through each essential step of literacy development
  • Be able to be implemented by both specialists and parents
  • Be fun for everyone to use

Alison, practicing from her long established Melbourne private clinic, has enabled many hundreds of children to develop essential reading and writing skills. By applying clinical diagnostic and therapy skills initially gained through working with adults who had lost literacy skills through trauma and illness, Alison  ensures that the childrens’ individual therapy programs are evidence based, highly effective and fun.

Each country, state and educational system selects a different specific font type to be the standard style of letter used in schools.  To satisfy these differences, Launch Literacy is available in all the font types used across Australia and New Zealand.

Click here to view all the font styles in which Launch Literacy is available.

When you purchase the digital package you will receive all the workbooks in all the font styles.

When you purchase the printed package you will receive all the workbooks in the font style you have requested.