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Launch Literacy provides all the content you need to start teaching early literacy skills

This easy to use program is available in digital or printed formats

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66 Decodable Rhyming Readers based on sequenced synthetic phonics

Learn more about how Decodable Rhyming Readers are essential literacy tools in this article

Purchase as e-Readers ($75 for a 12 month transferrable license) or as printed sets for the bookshelf

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The Decodable Rhyming Readers are available as individual sets/subscriptions or can be purchased as a complete early literacy program with the activity books below.

Drawing, Tracing and Writing Activity Books

Teach laterality, sound-letter link, letter formation, spelling & early sentence writing

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The Instruction Book will guide you in every step to achieve Year One Early Literacy skills.

Included when purchasing the Activity Books

Boxed and Lined Workbooks for structured writing practice

Boxed and Lined Workbooks for structured writing practice.

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